Immigration. Immigration. Immigration.

Very colourful poster about equality in our society, refugees and immigration

And once again immigration in Britain is a Hot Potato, let’s just hope it’s a King Edward or a Maris Piper and not a Desiree or a Patata Naxou otherwise the gingham warriors will spontaneously combust with patriotic misinformed outrage.

Once upon time in the foggy corridors of politics Tony Blair was heard emphatically declaring: ‘Education. Education. Education.’ How long will it be until we hear Priti Patel in the same vein exclaim: ‘Immigration. Immigration. Immigration.’ Which she already is in all but words.

So what’s happened this time? The Home Office, not content on not getting its way with the expulsion of Asylum seekers to Rwanda after the European Courts of Human Rights stepped in, whether this be a ploy to leave the Council of Europe to repeal the Human Rights Act or just a way of getting xenophobic kicks, today revealed that a new 12-month pilot scheme began on Wednesday to electronically tag asylum seekers, but only the men.

Priti Patel is reported to have said the “decision by the European court which effectively grounded the first Rwanda-bound removal flight was “absolutely scandalous” and politically motivated.” BBC. Just a quick note, if anyone reading this is currently studying psychology and looking for a subject for their thesis, how much more material do you need? No attention as a child, never got her own way, God complex…

You really have to ask yourself what is happening in the Home Office. Walls adorned with pictures of Thatcher in different poses, juxtaposed with images of Mussolini and Hitler, it’s always good to be surrounded by your influences. Every now and then Farage turns up as a consultant to give advice on xenophobia and how to live with hypocrisy while they drink Russia’s finest Vodka, guffaw and discuss the virtues of James M. Buchanan’s self-interested society that keeps them in power. In a room next door to where Priti Patel has created a shrine in honour to Maggie where she keeps all her Thatcher memorabilia so she can disappear and via osmosis hope to morph into Maggie the sequel (a very badly butchered written half-baked sequel that relies heavily on the original), a think tank works its way through the ideas on what to do with the ‘unpeople’ of the world.

“Well, if we can’t fly them to Rwanda, we can always electronically tag them?” A bright unblemished twenty something male from Eton exclaims, hoping to please Priti and climb the political echelon.

“And if we can’t tag them because the bloody Europeans step in again with all their ethics, we could get them digging trenches for 18 hours a day!” A similar aged unsullied woman with an affluent upbringing bursts out with uncontrollable excitement as she attempts to outdo her colleague hoping she can please the reincarnation of Maggie.

“Well, I don’t know why we can’t just drown them?!” Another undefiled clone with a degree interjects.

“Yes, but we if drown them, and believe me I’m just moist at the thought, then we are nothing but plagiarists of Farage, and when I’m expunging the ‘unpeople’ I want to be original! I want to please the ghost of Maggie, I want to make our political Mother proud.” Priti tells the room barely able to contain her excitement.

The whole situation is extremely telling. We should be asking ourselves why we are seeing all this demonisation of the ‘unpeople’ and not information about why Britain truly is failing. We can’t lay the problems of the price of living, the price it costs to rent which has become truly a living nightmare for many people in this country, the price of food, the plethora of food banks, the low wages for some of the most important people in this country: nurses, health care assistants and teachers, the price of energy, petrol and more at the feet of asylum seekers and refugees. But it works, it works only too well with a well-disciplined population.

I remember when I was growing up in London and the racist jokes of the time were about Asians and Indians, the corner shop and the red dot on the forehead vile type of humour. The type of humour that would have been directed at Priti Patel’s family then by the people that now find it easy to attack asylum seekers and refugees. The target’s change with the period. It seems racism evolves and moves with the times very well. If that be the case, why can’t we, and eradicate such divisive rhetoric that only goes to serve the masters of our societies and country.

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