“Life is a stage on which we live, so let me film it”

Motta can be found behind the camera, in front of the lens, in the editing chair and playing the producer role. Initially film making began with music videos but has now moved into other areas too: comedy skits, short films and a pilot for ‘Meet the Mottas’ that is currently in production.

Influences include Woody Allen, Ken Loach, Shane Meadows, Martin Scorcese, Darren Aronofsky, Stanley Kubrick, Lars Von Trier, Spike Lee and more.

Below is a selection of short films, comedy skits and music videos that Motta has written, acted in, produced and edited. To view more visit the Kaimotta, MeettheMottas and High Priest youtube channels.

Folkestone Town Deep South Informercial

The Folkestone Try Anal Art Fair

The Drop

To Infinity and Beyond

The Neglected Child

I Must Confess

A 20th Century Tragedy

The Instant Celebrity

A Bonfire of the Vanities

To Truly Love

I just wanna celebrate

The High Priest