“I think, therefore I write”

Motta to date has released 3 novels: ‘Celebrity Rape’, ‘VIR(US)’ and most recently ‘40 Nothing’. He is currently working on a semi-biographical book about his relationship with his father and the cancer that ended his life, while also working on another novel titled ‘Know Thyself”, a dark philosophical tale about the imagined narratives and social constructs that control our lives.

Influences include Henry Miller, Charles Bukowski, Will Self, Noam Chomsky, Hubert Selby Jr, Dave Eggers and many more. Motta is interested in the philosophical, psychological, political and pornographic elements of the human race and how it is influenced in the current digital age by technology and where it could/may lead us.

Articles by Kai can be found on the blog or his Medium account


“A tale of sex, marketing and salvation”

10 Jan 2023

In the fast paced world of digital marketing Zane Hutch, better known by the soubriquet ‘Inzane’ due to his debauched antics in the last 5 years of his 25 year profession, is losing the will to live. Edging towards 50 at the top of his game, spiritually bankrupt, 2 ex-wives, 4 kids, a trail of burnt bridges and a complete disgust for the manipulating industry of marketing, his life has to change, if not for him, at least for everyone else around him. He’s had enough. Enough of the lies, the manipulation and most of all, himself. Told in the first person narrative Zane wants you to know that this world is heading down the toilet through marketing, and he helped flush the chain.


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“In a sky filled with planes, the clock is ticking”

24 Sep 2020

Set in 2032 a new virus ‘UV32’ rampages across the planet leaving the earth uninhabitable. Thousands of planes take to the sky to escape. No longer is the planet safe. From his window seat Mike reflects on humanity. The impossible situation the last remaining survivors now find themselves in. The successes, the failures, evolution, politics, consumerism and more. In one of the thousand planes filling the sky his wife Sandy and son Danny await the same fate. A clock is ticking. The only thing keeping them alive is fuel…

But for how long?


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Celebrity Rape

“How far will you go for your 15 likes of fame?”

10 Nov 2018

Marcus, a 40 nothing low wage data entry clerk, twice divorced denizen of the new digital age, nightly pisses his life away on Viagra, wine and loose women found on dating apps. Caught in an infectious loop of hedonistic drunken sex, he despairingly witnesses a society controlled and manipulated by Jackson Fire, self made corporate King, founder of TV show Celebrity Rape, born out of the culture that we have become.

So desperate for fame, contestants will do anything for their fifteen minutes with a complicit voyeuristic salivating public desperate for blood and rape to keep them satiated. The excitement of 9/11 footage and beheadings of their favourite Middle East leaders they are taught to hate are no longer strong enough to meet their paraphilic tastes. But when events with those extremely close to Marcus start to become realer than reality TV, everything comes to a head…

Celebrity Rape is Kai Motta’s dystopian vision of a culture that is only literally years away. Not written to assimilate pornography, it’s an accurate description of the all encompassing perversion of capitalism, where people are literally selling themselves for outside validation. Counter balanced with real news articles every fourth chapter to give weight to the premise of the novel, Kai has weaved a work of fiction to present the terrifying horrific future that lies ahead of us all.

Think George Orwell’s 1984 meets Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games with a touch of Bret Easton Ellis and Will Self. Not for the easily offended or faint-hearted.


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