First racist party past the post

Building with 'Refugees Welcome' banner hanging from it. First Racist Party Past the Post - Priti Patel, Asylum seekers and Rwanda

Nigel Farage must be popping champagne and celebrating tonight as he almost single-handedly has turned the Tories into a racist political party as they get ready to outsource 7 ‘illegal’ asylum seekers, yep 7! At the cost of £500,000 to Rwanda through their new legal people smuggling policy, that they’ve copied from Israel… where it essentially failed and led to them leaving via smuggling routes, heading to Europe via Libya. Remember Libya, yeah, we bombed the hell out of that country to the tune of £320 million under David Cameron’s government creating, you got it, refugees.

But no need to remind ourselves here in Britain just how addicted we are to killing brown people, let’s focus on the 7, yes 7! ‘illegal’ asylum seekers the government has chartered a Boeing 767-300 with 375 seats to send 7 people to Rwanda, a country only 9 months ago, they proclaimed to be disappointed with through their lack of support to “conduct transparent, credible and independent investigations into allegations of human rights violations including deaths in custody and torture… and not support the UK recommendation to screen, identify and provide support to trafficking victims, including those held in Government transit centres.” Yep, after their own report, that is where they are sending them!

Yes, the bubbles must be overflowing as Nigel chinks glasses with Priti Patel the architect behind the vile deal she has struck with the Rwandan government. This is the same Priti Patel whose parents fled Uganda to the UK (another country Israel is thought to have dumped immigrants on) just before Idi Amin deported all Asians. Once living in Britain, no doubt enjoying all the benefits which many of the indigenous population disprove of, her father then stood as a UKIP councillor. You literally couldn’t make it up! It sure goes to prove that politicians when making policy truly lack the ability to be objective and understand how the policies, they are proposing affects those it is written for. Or maybe they simply just don’t care.

Is there now in Britain a new political game where each party has to prove how racist they are to win the vote of the people? Is this really where we are? Have we really run out of ideas? It’s very hard to be proud of where you are from when such egregious behaviour is performed by the people that run the country you inhabit, but let’s be honest, has there been any other type of behaviour lately? 

In a world where increasingly the ‘them’ and ‘us’ situation becomes ever more evident, meaning the business community and government vs the people, the people that are currently facing huge price hikes across the board causing the population to become increasingly more in debt, which means more controlled and living constantly in fear of losing their homes and their livelihoods, we should be more understanding of the predicament of the asylum seeker, and certainly show more compassion. No pun intended; we are all in the same boat.

If we as a nation are meant to be so ‘Great’, we should be looking to help other people and show to the world that we are ready to make this earth a better place for all to live, and here’s a solution: Why don’t we look at the global stage, address the inequalities and help other countries to flourish like our own. Economics and international relations are not set in stone, they can be changed, and we can do that anytime.

The question you have to ask is what kind of world do you want to live in… Preferably one without Nigel Farage and Priti Patel.

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