Forget the titillation, for soon comes the penetration

It pains me to watch the domestication of the British public. And how obvious it was after the interview between Oprah and the ex-royals. No, I couldn’t watch it, why would you need or even want to? I say ‘need’ simply because you couldn’t not hear about it non-stop afterwards, and oh yes how we have!

People emerged from all corners of the land and beyond with their own opinions on this, that and the third about ‘them’. And that is exactly who are they are: ‘them’ and we are ‘us’, and how easily people forget or are simply unaware of this. How I cringed to hear people speak about the royals and ex-royals, as if they knew them, as if by being British they are part of royalty while struggling to get by on a monthly basis. What an absolutely amazing scam hey?!

And so, millions tuned in to see the ex-royals talk with Oprah without once questioning why we even have a royal family and its legitimacy. I’m pretty sure Oprah didn’t ask that question either. Of course, racism is disgusting, no one is denying this, and Meghan like many others should never have to face this, particularly when marrying into a family that has a history that is intertwined in slavery.

But hold back the tears folks, for this is just the titillation.

There are those who are pro Harry and Meghan, there are those who are sad and angry for the way they treated the royal family and of course there is also the sane and level-headed who couldn’t give a fuck about either side.

It amazes me the institutional illusionary bond people have with a family they will never meet, while expressing emotion effervescently about people they believe they have grown up with and ‘know’, explaining to others how ‘they’ feel and how the reasons for why ‘they’ are reacting in a certain way, defending ‘them’ to their own grave. If you went to a psychologist and spoke like this about another family you have never met and will never know, they would think you’re insane!

And so, the insane talk about the poor old Queen and her family. Why? Because they need an identity. Oh yes, my heart bleeds, like it bled for Harry and Meghan when they got cut off the royal riches and bought a house for $12 million that used to belong to Mel Gibson. How will they survive?

But again, hold back the tears folks, for this is just the titillation.

Obviously, they can’t have all the limelight. And so, in steps Piers Morgan to say something controversial about Meghan resulting in the breaking of the Ofcom record. 57,121 complaints were made about his statement by the royal family loving public. Honestly, I’ve never felt more alone on this sinking rock. Where would we be without Piers and his perspicacious insights attacking everything apart from real power or the narrative that runs our country that keeps him in the position he is in today. Luckily, he had Sharon Osbourne by his side to help him with the limelight.

Look, it ain’t time for any tears, for this still, is just the titillation.

Now, in the same week two newsworthy events happened that you should be angered, emotional and worried about. Priti Patel’s Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill and the government’s decision to expand their nuclear arsenal.

Both of these will have serious affects to the population of this country and across the world.

Priti Patel’s new bill will allow police to have complete control of protests, can put individuals in prison for 10 years and wants to stop protests altogether in Westminster. Protesting is a fundamental right of all citizens. It’s how change happens. It’s why we have many rights at present. If a government wants to make Britain a protest free-zone, what’s does that tell you?

Only 2 months after the landmark U.N. treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons came into force, ratified by more than 50 countries Boris Johnson wants to increase the cap of nuclear warheads which is a violation of international law. This will be an end to 30 years of gradual disarmament. The reason: a £10bn rearmament in response to ‘perceived’ threats from China and Russia.

Clearly both of these moves by the government display they believe themselves as a force to be reckoned with both at home and globally. It’s what’s known as a clear and present danger, obviously nowhere near as bad as the plight of the royals, ex-royals and poor old Piers.

Now is time for the tears, for soon comes the penetration.

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