A Call To Arms

There is an extremely interesting case of denial happening within the borders of Great Britain. Nationally we are amazingly good at blowing our own trumpets, looking down our noses at the ‘others’ across the seas and bathing in self-congratulatory for simply being ‘British’. If we were to listen to our own self-indulgent praise, we are angels, leaders of the world that have never put a foot wrong.

But if we are to look under the cover so to speak, we are actually incredibly good at doing absolutely nothing about the glaring corruption and unjust behaviour that directly has an effect on us from the way our leaders, government and elites conduct themselves year in year out square in our faces.

My apologies, we do do something. We moan.

Yes, we are experts at it. We love to moan. I mean, how much corruption must we endure until that moaning turns into some action? Some of us at times slump from moaning into apathy. But action, real action that changes the playing field, well, this has yet to be seen.

By this I’m not denying there are and have been movements for good, for justice, for a better system. Of course there are, and it would be stupid to deny it. Woman wouldn’t be able to vote, homosexuality would still be a criminal act and foreign invasions would happen without any protest while others fight to save the planet, end poverty and more. All of this is obviously good.

But how is it that collectively we can just sit back and watch our governments and their associates clearly act in such corrupt and unjust ways? How is it that we are able to only share (moan) our frustrations on social media or to one another and that simply be the limit of our action. Perhaps action here, is totally the wrong word.

Are we so wrapped up in the fact that we are British and buy into the nonsense our leaders and elite spout out every day that we prefer to deny how we are being royally shafted? Better to live within the lie than to see the truth, otherwise we may just have to do something, other than moan. Or are we just so fucking lazy and life is just easier in the consumer dream?

I mean, what will it take to get active and move to create a better country for all, one built on egalitarianism, one where we don’t accept such levels of corruption and injustice?

Here are just 10 instances of corruption and injustice that should make our fucking blood boil:

  1. 2003 – 2016 – The Iraq war and the fake WMDs
  2. 2009 – The United Kingdom parliamentary expense scandal
  3. 2012 – The Health and Social Act 2012 that led to huge redundancies, cuts to beds and doctor and nurse vacancies in the NHS
  4. 2016 – The Panama Papers, money laundering, tax avoidance by bankers, politicians and celebrities
  5. 2010 – 2020 – The treatment of Julian Assange
  6. 2010 – 2020 – The austerity cuts against the population of Britain
  7. 2010 – 2019 – Prince Andrew and his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein
  8. 2019 – 2020 – The Government’s handling of the COVID pandemic
  9. 2020 – The track and trace app cost at 37 billion where contracts were given to friends and associates of politicians in the Conservative Party
  10. 2021 – Priti Patel to make the UK a protest free zone

How much more will we sit back and take?

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Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash

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