A passport to Brexit hell

It’s interesting to watch the tribal minds of Britain in action. For instance on a recent post on Facebook I detailed how our passports from January 2021 will have to have 6 months left on them in order for us now to travel to European countries due to Brexit.

Immediately I was told by a few ‘Brexiteers’ that it’s been like this for years, stop whining etc. With a bit of simple research one can find out it hasn’t and it starts on January 2021 due to Brexit. This highlights the mentality of some who voted Brexit, in that little research was done as to why to vote, and any information used to vote was either false or based on assumptions.

Having to update your passport 6 months before its period ends is a hindrance to anyone, particularly poorer families who have to suddenly find more money to travel if they find their passports only have 5.5 months left on them. For a family of four this cost could be over £250.

Now let’s take this really into account, everyday your freedoms are being limited, people constantly telling to not do this or say that, it fills the timelines of Facebook constantly. So why invite another hindrance into your life? And let’s face it, it won’t be the first, there will be lots more to come. No doubt half the nation will enter into cognitive dissonance as more situations come to the fore that will be disagreeable to them because of the effects of Brexit, the state they voted for, but they won’t be able to say a thing, admit maybe this isn’t what they voted for, simply because that would be to admit they were wrong. But equally there maybe some good to come out of it as well… I’m still searching for those…

So let’s take it to another level. Do you really want to live in a world where travel is made increasingly harder, where there are more rules added to moving across the globe. Is this the world you want to live in? I’d prefer to live in a world of free travel, where borders to nations are easier to cross, where the world in which we all inhabit isn’t divided by patriotism/jingoism and other tenuous ideals people cling to. I mean, who seriously can agree with Trump and his new wall. And yes, your next argument will be ‘what about the terrorists and asylum seekers/refugees/immigrants who can just easily come into the country?’

According to UNHCR in 2017 (A year after the referendum) 68.5 million people were fleeing war or persecution worldwide, which is interesting considering the UK is the second biggest arms dealer in the world selling to governments/dictators and oppressive regimes. It would take an 8 year old a few seconds to see how ridiculous the whole situation is.

It’s quite comedic really, you could almost write a sketch displaying Brexiteers going to length to justify anything in the name of Brexit.

“You see the thing is, I don’t care if I lose my house, my car, my livelihood, my wife and kids in the name of Brexit. It will be worth it alone just call our country ours again…” Whatever ‘ours’ means…

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