Conspiracy theorists: The dark art of self deception

How many conspiracy theorists does it take to change a lightbulb?

None because the lightbulb is a virus & controlled by a satanic bloodline cabal that wants to kill everyone so they wont go near it…

We live in an age of mistrust, and to a degree why shouldn’t we? Our politicians who we employ rarely fill us with confidence, one only needs to look back ten years to the expenses scandal and then right up to recent events with Dominic Cummings and to the way politics works hand in hand with big business for just a few examples. Mainstream media plays its role with the way it chooses to manipulate the news and big businesses are largely unaccountable to the public and live outside of the law increasing their profits while we fund them and many around the world slide into more abject poverty.

There is much to distrust and be angry about, but it doesn’t mean we should lose the ability to be rational.

Since the advent of social media in particular, there seems to have been a surge in conspiracy theories. At first they are quite amusing. I mean who can’t shake their head in disbelief, then cry with laughter at the conspiracy theory ‘Pizzagate’? the completely absurd idea that Hilary Clinton used the Comet Ping Pong pizzeria in Washington D.C. for human trafficking and Satanic ritual abuse. Because if you are running for presidency with the whole world watching you, it makes sense to get involved in human trafficking in a pizza restaurant in the world political capital. Obviously.

Only it isn’t that funny if you’re the owners of the Pizzagate restaurant when on a Sunday afternoon Edgar Maddison Welch decides to turn up and confront you in your family packed restaurant and fires an automatic rifle.

This is just the beginning. There are many out there, all as equally fictitious and irrational peddled by people, from my experience, who purport to be ‘awakening the masses’ while branding anyone who refuses to believe what they disseminate as ‘Sheeple’ or ‘brainwashed by the mainstream media’ followed by resorting to ad hominem when confronted to provide evidence, and if any evidence is produced, it’s usually a youtube video at best, or a meme at worst.

Why are most conspiracy theories about rich people or organisations too? I’m yet to hear one about John who owns the local chippy or Kelly who has a mobile massage business in the local neighbourhood. It would be, in my opinion, because those purporting them are generally not happy with the state of the country they are in, the political landscape, their own lives, the fact they feel useless against the huge machine controlling everything and have far too much time on their hands. So what do some do? They fabricate, and others follow. Sounds a bit like religion hey?

5G, Chemtrails, Flat Earth, Bill Gates wanting to cull the planet through vaccinations and microchip all citizens, Donald Trump and the Deep State theory powered by QAnon, the anti vaccination movement, germ theory doesn’t exist, Covid-19 is a mainstream media invention. It would take a 10 year old seconds to see through it all and an adult with a rational mind to do the same.

The world, and how it is controlled is sitting right in front of you. It’s called Neoliberalism. Simply research The Mont Pelerin Society and most notably Friedrich Hayek and how they influenced Thatcher and Reagan with their free market economic policies and more. This is the real cabal. No hushed tones, no spooky music, just the foundations of our current institutional structures that are handing over wealth to the upper 0.1% without a satanic bloodline in sight, as they dismantle public services and deregulate business and financial markets.

There is a beautiful irony in that the conspiracy theorists who truly believe they are awakening the masses and fighting power are actually reinforcing it and ensure it remains in place by creating a diversion, a rabbit hole for the ‘masses’ they claim to be ‘awakening’ to disappear into while governments and businesses carry on as usual. They ironically couldn’t be more helpful to power, the complete opposite to their claims. With just a semblance of rationality, will power and compassion the institutional structures could be changed and we could have an egalitarian society.

The question that needs to be asked: “Is this what you really want?” Or do you want to keep posting memes on Facebook under the delusion that you are awakening the masses?

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